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Mazda MX‑5 Driving transformed

The world’s favourite roadster is now joined by an all‑new Retractable Fastback

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Contours of perfection

KODO Design

A bold and unique road presence is the mark of any great roadster. MX‑5 delivers both in soft‑top and hard‑top, bringing you Mazda’s signature KODO Design at its most exciting. Every element and proportion comes together to bring the driver closer to the car and more in tune with the road, and the world around them.

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    The signature grille, bold headlamps and low bonnet give MX‑5 a sporty and aggressive stance. From the driver’s seat the accentuated front wheel arches dip dramatically, helping the driver accurately understand where the car sits on the road.

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    The LED headlights present a new, contemporary design that will appeal to enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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    Flared rear overhangs and fenders add boldness, while the rounded rear tail lamps add a touch of retro to the overall look.

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    Gunmetal provides a bold sporty look, while Bright Silver wheels add classic sports car elegance.

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Be surrounded in style and convenience. The controls, dash and instruments have been placed within optimum reach, specifically to keep you in the moment with minimum effort.

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    Interior design

    Mazda MX‑5 is the first new generation to be built entirely from the ground up. The seating and cabin position have all been carefully designed with the driver in mind, meaning the harmony of design and proportion is truly realised from behind the wheel.

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    Pedals and controls

    Pedals have been positioned at the driver’s centre so they can be operated effortlessly, giving you more control on the road.

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    Designed to perfectly connect you to the car, the seating position accommodates drivers of various heights offering the perfect driving position for your back and hips. Plus, a new net structure in both the seatbacks and cushions reduces vibration for a more comfortable ride.

Ready for all conditions

Rain or shine

With an easy to use spring mechanism in the soft‑top or a simple push button in hard‑top, the lightweight roof opens and closes in seconds so come rain or shine you’ll be ready.

Jump in and feel at one

Explore the shape

Mazda MX-5 Soft-Top exterior
Press and drag to rotate view
Mazda MX-5 Soft-Top exterior
Press and drag to rotate view



A breakthrough in performance and economy, SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY has transformed Mazda vehicles across the range. Now MX‑5 joins the family with SKYACTIV’s most exciting performance so far.

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See the world in a whole new way

Life with a pure roadster

Live the part

Driving should make you feel alive. Bring you closer to the road and the world around you. Mazda MX‑5 puts you in the moment. Discover engaging stories on roadster history, lifestyle and convertible culture.

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